Slip and Fall & Trip and Fall Liability Cases

“Slip and Fall” and “Trip and Fall” are terms used for types of personal injury cases where a person slips or trips on someone’s property owners and is injured. Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents usually occur on property (“premises”) owned or maintained by someone else. These property owners generally have a duty under the law to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition to avoid injuries to their guests or business customers. Slip and fall and trip and fall cases occur when a property owner negligently fails to do so.

Typical Slip and Fall Accidents and Trip and Fall Accidents:
  • Tripping on torn or folded carpeting in a business entryway
  • Tripping on uneven flooring
  • Falling due to poor lighting (a step that was not lit)
  • Tripping and falling on uneven stairs
  • Trips on broken or cracked concrete or pavement
  • Slips on ice or snow at a place of business where owner did not remove the snow or ice in a reasonable time
  • Trips on potholes in business parking lot
What do you need to prove in a slip and fall or trip and fall case?

Slip and fall cases and trip and fall cases are based a property owner negligently failing to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. If a property owner was not negligent, then there will be no liability, and you will not have a claim. In cases involving slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accident, personal injury victims must prove that either:

  • The property owners failed to maintain the property in a safe condition
  • The property owners created unsafe conditions which caused the injury
  • Or, that the property owners knew about the dangerous dangerous condition and did not provide warnings to visitors. (For example, if a business owner did not place “wet floor” signs after mopping a floor).

Of most importance, the injured victim MUST be able to determine what caused them to fall in order to prove liability. Often times, the condition that causes the person to fall is only temporary. Our Chicago slip and fall injury lawyers and Chicago trip and fall injury attorneys often have cases where the property owner makes attempts to remove the temporary condition that caused the accident in order to escape responsibility. For this reason, we advise all of our clients to take the following steps to protect their rights and their case:

  • Immediately take photos of the property and the condition that caused you to fall so that the property owner is unable to tamper with the evidence or deny that the condition existed. Make sure to include pictures of the exact location where you were injured and fell and that show the hazardous or dangerous condition that caused the fall.
  • Seek emergency medical treatment and make sure to report to the emergency medical staff the details of how you fell and were injured. By calling 911, you will establish a record of the incident with the authorities and emergency room where you are treated.
  • Report the accident to the property owner immediately as soon as possible and fill out an incident report. Simply provide enough information to inform the owner that you have been injured on his or her property and of the dangerous condition that caused your fall. However, you can refuse any further conversation about the incident until you’ve spoken with an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer.

If you suffered a slip and fall or trip and fall accident on someone else’s property or business due to their negligence and were severely injured as a result, you are entitled to fair and just compensation. Slip and fall and trip and call lawsuits help seriously injured victims recover the costs of their medical bills, lost wages and compensate them fairly for their pain and suffering, emotional distress and any permanent physical disability suffered.

Our Chicago slip and fall attorneys and Chicago trip and fall attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for injured victims. All consultations with our Chicago slip and fall lawyers and Chicago trip and fall lawyers are free and if we accept your case you will not pay us attorney’s fees until or unless we recover compensation for you. Call us at 312-853-0050 or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

Recent Slip & Fall Case Results achieved by the attorneys at Fiorentino Law Offices
  • $450,000: Settlement for a woman who fractured her wrist when slipping and falling on sludge from a sump pump a business was emptying onto a sidewalk in front of their business;
  • $343,000: Trial Verdict to a school teacher who slipped and fell on a wet bathroom floor that had recently been mopped without any “wet floor” signs being posted. She suffered a knee injury.
  • $175,000: Settlement for a woman who tripped on an uneven floor at a car dealership fracturing her leg.
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