For many motorcycle riders, there is nothing more enjoyable or exhilarating than hitting the open road. But, even the most skilled and experienced motorcycle driver is at risk for a traumatic motorcycle accident when other drivers are reckless or negligent. Motorcycles are less stable and less visible than cars and often have high performance capabilities. When motorcycles crash, their riders lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle, so they’re more likely to be injured or killed. Tragically, a total of 4,295 motorcyclists died in 2014 from fatal crashes. In facts, the federal government estimates that per mile traveled in 2014, the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 27 times the number in cars.

Severe Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycle drivers are fully exposed, they suffer some of the most severe and traumatic injuries of all the motor vehicle crash victims our Chicago personal injury lawyers represent. Without much protection, common injuries impacting Illinois motorcyclists include:

  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Pelvic injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Loss of Limb
  • Pelvic injuries

Unfortunately, with these severe injuries, come substantial medical expenses into the hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as the loss of income, and other economic impacts to you and your family. In cases involving with these types of significant damages, our Chicago personal injury lawyers will retain and work with the best medical and economic experts who can assess and explain the significance of the injuries to insurance adjusters or jurors hearing the matter at trial.

The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys at the Fiorentino Law Offices fight vigorously against auto insurance carriers who, more often than not, try to deny coverage and blame the motorcycle driver for these devastating and often fatal crashes. When it comes to handling claims involving injured or deceased motorcyclists, our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers have a record of achieving substantial settlements for our clients.

Experienced Chicago Motorcycle Attorneys

Our Chicago injury attorneys are committed to getting each motorcycle crash victim full and just compensation. Contact one of our experienced Illinois personal injury attorneys if you were injured in an Illinois motorcycle crash. Our motorcycle accident cases are always handled on a contingency fee basis and there is never a fee charged unless we recover money for you.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash or motor vehicle accident, call us at 312-853-0050 or contact us online for a FREE consultation with a Chicago personal injury lawyer.  

During your free initial consultation with a Chicago injury lawyer, our experienced Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys will evaluate the facts of your case and explain your rights. If you decide to hire us, we will work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately so that you can get back to your life.
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Recent Motorcycle Settlements at Fiorentino Law Offices
  • $1,220,000.00 (full insurance policy limits) for the family of a woman who was fatally injured.
  • $100,000.00 (full insurance policy limits) for a young man who suffered road burn when thrown from his bike.
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